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#K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2023 #2021 International Hospital and Medical Equipment Industry Expo
Company Overview
Yang Hee-bong
Company Type
Year founded
Medical Equipment
Medical/pharmaceutical industry
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
Annual turnover
More than KRW 1 billion ~ less than KRW 12 billion
222-14 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul
Featured Products
3D surgical laparoscope, 3D video surgical microscope, medical imaging equipment,
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Company Introduction

Sometech Inc., was established in 1989 and has focused on developing advanced products based on convergence integration technology such as software, optics, medicine, and electronics with multiple application experience in medical and industrial business. With the passion we have had for creating world class products since our foundation, we have focused on localizing medical equipment by focusing on research and development in medical imaging equipment and surgical devices. We have supplied such high-tech products such as cosmetic diagnostic, and industrial video microscopes with high technology to the medical business industry.

The company started developing 3D imaging system since 2006 launching the first generation 3D Video Laparoscopy in 2012, first in South Korea. Sometech's 3D Video Laparoscopy has earned high reputation by creating a new paradigm of surgical equipment for the world.

Biz News

Bringing innovation to the medical industry with the world's first 3D video surgical microscope system, Sometech

The domestic medical device industry is showing rapid growth based on innovative technology and is considered a promising industry for the future< span style="font-weight:bold;">. Corona19, exports of in vitro diagnostic devices increased rapidly in the aftermath of ;">. First 2Joe 6Set a trade surplus record of 100 billion won. , 202133trillion 7achieving a surplus of 100 billion won in succession. The momentum continued.

Accordingly, the government wants to become a medical device export powerhouse 4versus strategy and 12versus Through key promotion tasks, until 2027160billion dollars(About 21 trillion 5100 billion won)Aim, World 5Export of medical devices above Announced plans to become a powerful nation.

Amid this trend, Sometech started in 1989 and developed a localized medical imaging diagnostic camera system., < span>As a specialized medical device company, we have contributed to the development of the domestic medical device industry, including the introduction of the high-frequency surgical device(MGI-201). Afterwards, we pioneered the wasteland of 3D 3D imaging and developed the world's first 3D video surgical microscope. System, 3D has established itself as a global medical device specialist by introducing a sensational technology called the laparoscopic system. This showed the possibility that Korea can grow into a medical device export powerhouse, and in the future 3D Decacon company(a venture company with a market value of approximately 10trillion through advancement of technology< /span>)We met with Yang Hee-bong, CEO of Sometech, who wants to grow with the goal of growing, and heard his story in detail.

Sometech CEO Hee-Bong Yang

Please introduce the company.

Sometech is a company that has developed and launched numerous product lines in the medical field into the global market since its founding in 1989. >. The company has been recognized domestically and internationally for its technology, including medical cameras and high-frequency surgical devices., 2003In 2018, a well-established company was also listed on KOSDAQ.

After running the business, an industry called 3D caught my eye. We were confident that if the technology was applied to the medical field, we would definitely be able to pioneer the global market. Accordingly, we boldly changed our business and began developing a 3D stereoscopic imaging system in earnest., 2012 We were able to introduce the world's first 3D laparoscopic system.

Let's introduce our main business in detail

The existing open surgery may be a convenient surgical method for the doctor, but it has the fatal disadvantage of being high risk to the patient and slow recovery after surgery. . Therefore, 2D laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, which is a method of performing surgery through minimal incisions, reduces the risk burden on the patient , The speed of recovery was also made faster. With these changes in surgical methods, the proportion of minimally invasive surgery has increased day by day compared to open surgery. However, 2D laparoscopy, which does not have a three-dimensional effect, is quite different from what you actually see with your own two eyes., To overcome these shortcomings, we developed a 3D laparoscope. 3D laparoscopy provides a three-dimensional effect as if performing an open surgery, providing not only the patient but also the surgeon with a screen similar to the actual view of the affected area, making it safer. and enables precise surgery.

However, most of the current laparoscopes are 2D format without 3D effect. Despite its superior advantages over 2D laparoscopy there is a lack of publicity about 3D laparoscopy < span>With the advent of 3D laparoscopy due to a change in conservative consciousness, approximately about about approximately 2D The spread of 3D laparoscopy is slowto the extent of using laparoscopy.

Also, , If we look at the case of an existing surgical microscope, , the doctor uses an eyepiece. There was a problem that communication with other team members was difficult because only 1~2 people could use this method. Accordingly, we developed a 3D video surgical microscope system that helps manage the entire operating room with a wide field of view beyond the eyepiece span>. This means that the digitalized 3D screen 3D after wearing the glasses, We have established an environment where all medical staff in the operating room can check together through a monitor. In other words,, overcoming the shortcomings of difficulty in smooth communication, during surgery 3D in line with the smart O.T. (Operating Theater) era that digitizes the entire operating room while simultaneously checking the patient's diagnosis and navigation data. span>It is a video surgical microscope system.

It took a lot of effort to acquire the current technology. We continuously communicated with doctors to identify and improve inconveniences, and we worked several times until we reached the finished product.I don’t know if it was flipped. As it contains long-term experience and know-how, it has been recognized by many medical staff around the world since its launch. The technology has been further advanced 3D video surgical microscopy systems will be available in 4K and by 2021. Development has been completed. In this way, Sometech does not stay in the present, but strives to continuously develop and reach new goals.

What is your future direction and goal?

Sometech hopes to be remembered as a leading company in the field of video surgery, which can be said to be the core of cutting-edge medical technology. Since we introduced 3D video technology, many companies are jumping into this field, seeing its future potential. , As Sometech has the world’s first title, it will introduce a differentiated system based on its unrivaled technology..

Also, as the market size is growing every year, we have changed our goals. Unicorn company(New unlisted venture company with a market value of approximately 1over 1 trillion Beyond the goal of ), we dream of growing into a decacon company, by firmly establishing ourselves in the global market. We will continue to work hard to make it a reality.

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