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Jaekwang Kim
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311 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Seocho-dong)
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LiDAR Cognitive Solution
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Company Introduction

On a mission to make people safe by providing the best LiDAR* solution, Vueron, founded in 2019, provides cutting-edge LiDAR perception software for ADAS, autonomous vehicles, and industrial safety and security systems. Vueron's AI-based algorithms have enabled a high-performance, stable, and practical perception software to identify all objects around the sensor using very low computing resources. Partnered with automotive OEMs, Tier-1s, and other industry players, Vueron has developed practical LiDAR perception solutions to meet clients' requirements.

Biz News

Opening the infinite possibilities of lidar, Byurun Technology

Autonomous driving, which allows cars to operate on their own without driver intervention, is a epoch-making technology that everyone expects, but safety and accuracy are becoming issues for popularization.. Therefore, many self-driving cars use lidar sensors as a device to supplement stability 'LiDAR sensors'< span>.


A lidar sensor is a device that uses infrared wavelengths to quickly scan information around the sensor. In the past, a camera was used as a device to identify obstacles, but it had a disadvantage that the distance accuracy was poor. However, LIDAR has the advantage of accurately determining the shape and location of surrounding objects, so it is possible to determine how far the obstacle is around, It is easy to figure out what form this is.

This function is also useful for building infrastructure in various fields, and recently, lidar sensors have been used in various fields such as smart city and ITS . Required. In this situation, Byrun Technology is said to be building related software so that lidar can be actively applied to various industries. Learn about the endless possibilities of lidar from an early age, Meet Kim Jae-kwang, CEO of Byrun Technology, which has established itself as a leader in the domestic and foreign lidar industry, and talk in detail I've heard of.

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Autonomous vehicle operated by Byuren

Please introduce your company

Burun Technology is a company that produces and supplies recognition solutions for LIDAR, an essential sensor used for autonomous driving. Lidar has recently been applied to various industries including autonomous driving. To cope with this, the company is building both a lidar sensor solution for unmanned vehicles and a lidar sensor solution for infrastructure..

Buren is a technology company based on deep tech, and has a philosophy of leading technology, supplying the best technology . The first goal is to change the world safely and conveniently with technology. We believe that our technology should not simply be technology for us, Technical satisfaction . Real market, not R&D, What customers want, Solving realistic problems .

To this end, we prioritize development and technology, We are building various efficient environments required for development. In addition to the growth of technology at the company level, I want internal members to learn and grow from each other. Also, communication, Since sharing is important, the vision and direction of the quarterly workshops are what achievements and what disadvantages are missing , We are forming a culture of constantly supplementing and sharing our achievements.

In order to solve realistic problems, I believe that smooth communication and sharing with management-related members in addition to technology, development fields is necessary . Through the workshop, management-related members can understand the progress of the company's technology and the degree to which it is used in the market, and the technology and development team can It allows you to figure out what skills you want and what skills need to be supplemented with managerial elements.

Also,, I think it is important to build a horizontal culture. Our company tends to have lively discussions regardless of position, position. For example, what a member personally felt after visiting an exhibition, If you share a project you want to try, we will seriously review it internally and I tend to accept opinions and proceed. As such, the company promotes good work sharing, We have a culture of freely sharing opinions.

Interview photo_CEO Kim Jae-gwang of Byurun Technology.jpg
CEO Kim Jae-kwang of Byurun Technology

About major business details

Burun deals with two products and solutions. The first is VueOne(VueOne), ADAS/for autonomous driving. It is a lidar aware solution. When LIDAR is mounted on a moving object such as a vehicle, it recognizes moving obstacles around it. , Function to distinguish whether it is a vehicle, Other objects.

View One boasts high performance and safety enough to succeed in autonomous driving using just one lidar. In fact, it received permission for self-driving from the California and Nevada Department of Transportation in the United States, and obtained a license twice in Korea. This is the first case in the world to receive a license with just one LiDAR, It remains an achievement only by Byuren to this day .

View One shows great advantages in terms of mass production. View One is the only lidar solution that can operate on mass-produced chips used by actual OEM . It was developed in consideration of how well it is applied to actual vehicles and industries, moving beyond simply detecting well and being good at , span>. It has the advantage of good performance and good optimization by making it possible to apply it directly to the mass-produced system of vehicles. This is a part that many customers find attractive, and we are currently actively carrying out projects to match and verify the fit with several automakers, part makers< /span>. In addition, it has recently established an eco-friendly self-driving truck system and is expanding its business to the service area of ​​the logistics market, including cold chain.

The second product is VueTwo(VueTwo), which provides various cognitive functions using , infrastructure. . Smart Intersections, Used for smart highway monitoring to detect vehicles within the intersection, Pedestrians It automatically controls the signal system by judging the amount of movement, and functions to detect sudden events. As well as being easy to accurately detect people, it is used for services that identify waiting times in queues or analyze congestion. You can respond to congestion-related risks in advance by notifying when people approach a dangerous area or identifying sections where people rapidly gather. Security, Boundary work, This is a technology that can be useful in the field of safety. . Unlike cameras, there is also an advantage that there is no privacy issue due to the sensor characteristics.

Based on the current view, We are conducting a project to demonstrate the road environment and build a smart pole to be introduced in a global smart city., span>.

Do you have any future goals or directions

The company has core technology for lidar perception solutions that can be applied to mass production of vehicles. Therefore, the goal is to actively apply Viewone's cognitive solution to self-driving vehicles that are being mass-produced based on its high technology. In addition to cars, there are also many unmanned vehicles such as ships, robots, We plan to continue to develop so that various mobile vehicles can be used safely.

Also, logistics services, ITS, industrial safety, security, etc. require lidar. We want to deliver various values ​​with our solutions to various frontline industries that do.. Our goal is to make the world more convenient through our technology. I want to be reborn as a company that can ultimately take responsibility for the entire lidar module, I want to become a company that creates standards for lidar solutions.

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