Exhibition Participation History
#2021 International Hospital and Medical Equipment Industry Expo
Company Overview
Kim Dae-jong
Company Type
Year founded
Medical/pharmaceutical industry
Number of employees
Less than 5
Annual turnover
Less than KRW 1 billion
#11, 2nd floor, 113 Chungcheong-daero, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (Yulryang-dong, Office 9)
Featured Products
1-person rescue stretcher air capsule
Representative number

Company Introduction

Golden Hour Co., Ltd. started with the ideology of considering everyone's lives more valuable and guaranteeing the human rights of the vulnerable.
Facilities that require the expansion of safety facilities or equipped with safety products have a wide gap in the budget available for each facility, while the vulnerable safety group exists at a similar rate to the number of people available for each facility. However, low-budget facilities are limited in evacuation due to a lack of manpower, evacuation facilities, and evacuation products in disasters and safety accidents, and are bound to cause more casualties.

Therefore, we have developed disaster relief products that can maximize the efficiency of rescue activities by reducing rescue personnel and reducing rescue time by changing the airbag principle and rescue method.

Starting with the spread of this development (air capsule), Golden Hour will do its best to grow into a social entrepreneur who values human life more by reducing

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Facility information
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