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Leading the global insulation market with unrivaled technology, Winco

Recently, the global insulation market has been showing steady growth. Insulation materials that help with heating and cooling by minimizing heat transfer are receiving more attention as they also play an eco-friendly role in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, they are rapidly expanding beyond the Asia-Pacific region, which is experiencing rapid industrialization, to Europe. It continues.

WINCO is a company that has established itself in the industry by producing architectural and industrial insulation materials and sound-absorbing mats using glass fiber. Skytec, the representative product, is an insulating material with moisture-proof and moisture-proof functions and is receiving global attention as it is exported domestically as well as overseas, including Europe, Asia, and the United States. Its unrivaled technological capabilities in one field have led to the steady growth of Winco for nearly 40 years. It became a driving force. We met and talked to Winco CEO Lee Yeon-se in person, who said that he will not stay where he is now and will lead the global insulation market through continuous technology development and innovation.

Winco panoramic photo=provided by Winco
Winco panoramic photo=provided by Winco

Please introduce your company

WINCO is a technology-focused non-combustible insulation material company established in 1986. Using glass fiber as the main raw material, we develop and produce sound absorbing and insulating products for construction, industry, and automobiles. All of our products are produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factories. In particular, we have the largest production capacity in Korea for E-glass fiber mat products. Our products are currently being exported to Europe, including France, and in particular, semi-non-combustible heat-reflecting insulation materials made of glass fiber are widely used in the French construction market.

Our company puts customers first and focuses on maximizing customer satisfaction through continuous innovation and quality improvement. We constantly strive to meet customer needs and consider reflecting customer requirements in our work as our core value. We also emphasize to our employees that striving for customer satisfaction is our core job. To this end, we carry out work in accordance with prescribed procedures and actively accept customer feedback to continuously improve our products and services. In addition, through communication with customers, we understand their needs and concerns and act accordingly.

In addition, we consider responsibility for environmental protection to be important. Our glass fibers are manufactured based on 100% recycled raw materials. Therefore, EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) environmental product certification is possible, and objective and comparable third-party verification data on products and services and environmental performance are transparently reported from a life cycle perspective. By establishing and maintaining an environmental management system, we are minimizing environmental pollution and pursuing sustainable business by developing eco-friendly products and establishing a production system.

Please introduce your main business

WINCO produces a variety of products with technological solutions based on E-glass fiber mat. Our representative product is Skytech, which is designed to be waterproof from the outside and moisture permeable from the inside using micro-perforations, and has the four functions of insulation, waterproofing, moisture permeability, and radiant heat blocking. We entered the construction market through Skytech and established ourselves as a company that manufactures innovative products in the wooden construction market. When laws related to insulation and fire changed, we quickly responded to the changes by quickly launching non-combustible products in the concrete structure market. /p>

Reflexum used in concrete can achieve high insulation values ​​with a thinner thickness compared to existing volumetric insulation materials. This is because the base material, E-glass fiber mat, can be produced directly and maintain good quality. In general, there is a perception that glass fibers contain asbestos and are harmful to the human body, but all glass fibers used in our products are rock wool and have particles larger than 6um that are not absorbed into the respiratory tract. In addition to considering the health of the building, we also consider the safety of the constructor and the users who will use the building.

Most of our products are exported to France, and we take pride in manufacturing high-quality products that have been certified in accordance with strict EU regulations. The exported products have already been installed in more than 30,000 homes. It is a stable product that can have a high impact on saving energy in heating and cooling by using recyclable materials.

If you have any future goals

WINCO proactively identifies the needs for non-combustible materials in Korea's architectural and industrial sectors and aims for continuous growth and development in line with government policies. Our goal is to lead the industry through innovation and technological development and strengthen competitiveness in the global market. In addition, our vision is to contribute to social development by fulfilling our social responsibilities and practicing sustainable management.

These days, eco-friendly products and services have become more important than ever due to various environmental policies in Europe. In this situation, our company is working with pride in producing products using recycled products. We will continue to communicate, cooperate, grow together, and strive to create more value for an eco-friendly future.

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