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Jang Ho-hyeon
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Year founded
IT·Information Communication
Number of employees
50 to 299 people
97, Jung-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Garak-dong)
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Everyone's choice to easily design the space you want, Korea Virtual Reality

Virtual reality(VR) is one of the cutting-edge technologies that has consistently received a lot of attention since its introduction. . Recently, interest in virtual reality technology has increased as the non-face-to-face trend has spread globally due to Corona19 >, Related research and services continue to emerge and develop. And this movement is expected to continue in the future.

The biggest feature and strength of virtual reality technology is that it provides a life-like experience even though it is not real. In this way, it provides vivid experiences and performs tasks that are difficult to perform in reality using virtual reality technology, or preliminary research before starting complex tasks such as interior design or construction. The scope of use of virtual reality technology is very vast, and the scope of use continues to expand.

Korea Virtual Reality, which has been utilizing and upgrading such virtual reality technology for a long time, is making it possible to proceed from furniture design to interior design easily and quickly through high-level virtual reality technology created based on the experience accumulated so far. They say they have developed an innovative service. We met Jang Ho-hyun, CEO of Korea Virtual Reality.

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Korea Virtual Reality CEO Jang Ho-hyun

Please introduce your company

Korea Virtual Reality 4< through software-as-a-service (SaaS) based virtual reality convergence technology. span>As a company leading the automobile industry revolution, Korea’s highest level of virtual reality, Artificial intelligence span>(AI), Augmented reality(AR), News such as big data(< /span>New)Growth ICT Holds many technologies and patents . Currently Incheon International Airport Corporation and Seoul Asan Medical Center's integrated space management system, KEPCO's electrical equipment training simulator, LX < /span>In addition to total interior solutions, we have various references with leading domestic organizations and companies such as Samsung S-One and Electrical Safety Corporation .

Especially for interior design solutions, interior design software'Kobiaki span>' Starting from launch, we are developing and servicing VR interior platform 'We developed Kobe Online' and currently have numerous local interior design companies across the country as members. It is left as. In addition, Kobi HouseVR has been developed and is being operated for the general public without professional knowledge about interior design. .

The company always quickly grasps the latest technologies and trends and moves intelligently, We pursue continuous innovation and strive to remain at the forefront of the industry.< /span>. Understanding customer needs in order to achieve customer satisfaction and success and provide the best experience by providing steady technological advancements and solutions based on this. We are developing our business with the management philosophy of providing the best service possible..

Please explain your main business

Korea Virtual Reality based on VR technology, Kobe Online and services specialized in the architectural and interior fields. Kobe Houseis developing its business by focusing on VR. KOVI Online, an interior expert service based on the self-developed 'KOVI 3D Engine', is currently working with large interior design companies and small local interior design companies. There are approximately 15,000 member companies, including Design is in progress.

Kobe Online is researching 3dimensional virtual reality, augmented reality span>, It is a culmination of various new technologies and ideas, including motion recognition. For users 12over 10,000 3D apartment floor plan data and interior materials We provide over 10,000 3D models consisting of only , 3D span>In the case of apartment space data, we also supply it to Naver Real Estate, and it can be said that our company holds the largest amount in the country. Based on this, the company produces and provides a variety of services so that even interior experts who have difficulty handling specific complex programs such as CAD can easily and conveniently use the construction program.< span>.

In the case of interior construction, communication between experts and customers is very important., Once interior construction has been completed, if modification work is to be carried out again, it must be economically efficient. , Time loss occurs. However, in this case, if you use the company's Kobe Online service, detailed elements such as floor, door color, and wall tiles can be checked by experts and customers in a virtual space. You can check and establish an interior plan through . Therefore, customers can proceed with the desired interior construction, Experts improve productivity in the interior design market by quickly checking customer needs and reflecting them in construction. and helps improve work efficiency.

Kobi House for non-expertsVRis not an interior design experts, consumers directly You can decorate your own interior with your phone and share it as a link on your SNS. You can also view the interior work of other experts, and there is also a community service where you can share and communicate information and stories about interior design with each other. It is provided. In addition, Kobe HouseVR recently introduced AI technology. 'AI Style Guide' The service was updated, this is for users This is a service that can dramatically reduce the time required by creating an infinite number of interior designs you want. Coby House, equipped with these features, is loved by people who are interested in interior design, and user loyalty is also very high. .

In this way, providing services that cover a wide range of areas while meeting the needs of everyone, from interior design experts to the general public with no knowledge of interior design, is our unique strength, In order to provide more innovative and convenient services, we are continuously upgrading services and conducting related research and development..

If you have any future goals or directions

Recently, Korea Virtual Reality signed an MOU with The Inus, a bathroom specialist company, to build bathroom interior solutions. Based on this, the company plans to provide bathroom interior design services and build a distribution system, focusing on development work to lead to actual product orders. span>We plan to focus on platform business while carrying out distribution business in earnest.

Korea Virtual Reality provides interior design businesses with cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to support them in demonstrating new creativity, consumers. We aim to inject new energy into the interior furniture and materials distribution business by providing customers with a modern shopping experience filled with high-quality furniture and materials. And through this, a new B2B SaaS solution meets an attractive B2C mobile platform. I want to create the future.

Also, We believe in the power of data and aim for customer-centric innovation and sustainable development. So, we analyze accumulated data, read current market trends, and predict customer needs. Based on this, we provide better life values ​​to customers where digital and reality meet, and at the same time, we provide efficient and innovative solutions to business partners. We want to provide solutions. And in the future, we will continue to create new business opportunities, and achieve continuous sales growth.< /p>

Lastly, Korea Virtual Reality believes that every moment spent with customers is a journey and opportunity to create the future. We will continue to dream of new possibilities and move forward as a pioneer leading the interior design industry. , We want to be with our customers in creating all possibilities and value. .

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