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Company Overview
Panseong Jeong
Company Type
8-30, Bia-ro 147beon-gil, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju (Bia-dong)
Representative number

Company Introduction

Hello, I’m Jeong Pan-seong, a representative of Susanghan Heating.
Are you wondering why the name of company is Susanghan Heating among all other names? That is what I hear the most often when I meet many customers.

When I tell them that Susanghan Heating is the most excellent and ideal heating system in Korea and explain about its merits, many customers say ‘it’s Susanghae’ and agree about the name. That’s right. We are the company that develops and distribute Susanghan products.

As we have been working hard on R&D, sales and product distribution than any other companies sine our establishment in 2015, we now is settling down in the dry heating industry. We are growing up enough that the above saying is not exaggerated.

We directly developed, produced and distributed the patent of BLDC PUMP which generates ultra-low noise, directly distributed diversified hot-water panel (A total of 3 types including aluminum mounted hot-water panel with 20MM25MM EPP board), directly produce

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