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Taekwon Kim
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Year founded
construction industry
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
Annual turnover
More than 12 billion won ~ less than 40 billion won
10 Teheran-ro 20-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Yeoksam-dong)
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NI Construction, Participated in ‘2023 Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair’

Photo_Kyunghyang Housing Fair_NI Architecture.JPG< figcaption class="cheditor-caption-text">N.I Construction Booth

From 27days(Thu)30days '2023 Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair ' held until /span>Sun)< /span>Participated and announced that the fair was successfully completed.

NI Construction is '2023 Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair'. It showcased housing and housing complex portfolios, etc..

NI General Construction is a country house, a detached house, profit housing, complex development, neighborhood It encompasses various business areas such as living facilities. Based on the idea that 'a house is a space where people live', we are building strong and beautiful houses, we are building houses that meet the needs of clients< span>.

In addition, it has business planning capabilities specialized in rural housing and solving licensing issues, differentiated building construction, marketing and sales experience. In addition, reasonable construction costs and standard specifications are provided so that the client can entrust the construction with confidence.

An official from NI Construction a house is not just a place to sleep, so it must be safe as well as , convenient for both body and mind to rest, and as a real estate Property values ​​must also be considered, so aesthetically, both the exterior and the inside of the house should be beautiful.

Meanwhile, NI Construction, which was selected as an excellent company in the NICE evaluation information technology evaluation in 2022, successfully completed the complex development project, from business consulting to holding joint projects. , We are carrying out various businesses, including the sales agency of rural houses.

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