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Company Overview
Kim Hee-kwon
Company Type
Year founded
Construction industry, services
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
1279 Daewangpangyo-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (Oya-dong)
Featured Products
Country house, single-family home
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Biz News

The One Housing, a company that builds trust through communication

What is the most important thing an architect should consider when building a country house. Design, Materials, Construction method, etc. are nothing to be neglected, but the most important of them all. There is something to think about first. It is 'what kind of house the architect wants to build' . No matter how nice and nice a house is, if it does not contain what the owner wants, it will be a failed construction..

This is in line with the management philosophy of The One Housing, an architectural company specializing in country houses. From design to construction, interior 100% The One Housing operates as direct construction. The most important thing for us is to build the house they want through communication with the building owners. Thanks to this thorough customer-centered mindset, we have been working with customers for several years. We met with Kim Hee-kwon, CEO of The One Housing, a company that builds trust through sincere communication, and listened to his story..

The One Housing.JPG
The One Housing CEO Kim Hee-kwon

Please introduce your company.

The One Housing is a wooden house 20It is a construction company specializing in country houses run by an owner with over 20 years of experience and a former carpenter at a large wooden construction company. . Current house design, Housing construction, Interior , We are engaged in work such as complex development..

The domestic country house market is divided into large companies that subcontract after receiving orders for quantitative growth and local companies that outsource houses on a small scale. In order to improve these market limitations, industry experts came together to establish The One Housing..

The One Housing's management philosophy is 'Think together and build together' >. It is often difficult for individual building owners and architectural experts to communicate with each other due to information asymmetry. As a result, distrust and even disputes arise.

No matter how much the owner wants to build the house he wants, he cannot build successfully if he does not trust the experts. If an architectural expert does not know what the owner truly wants, it is difficult for him to do this job for a long time. Sincere communication is the most necessary virtue in this industry, and a good house can only be built when both the owner and the experts work together. That’s why The One Housing considers communication the most important from the beginning.

Please introduce the main business content and differentiation

The One Housing mainly designs and constructs country houses, and in the construction field, it does both wooden houses and reinforced concrete. The site managers and design executives all have over 20 years of construction experience, so the trust of building owners is very high..

More than anything, the biggest difference of The One Housing is that it does not outsource or subcontract and does 100% direct construction. ‘Even if we only build one house, let’s build it properlyWe directly carry out each step while communicating with the owner..

In addition, we finalize the interior specifications in great detail along with the design and then provide a construction estimate. Most companies have salespeople sign a contract and proceed with construction separately, but our company completes the contract after deciding on the product name, down to a doorknob and a faucet. Do. Therefore, no additional costs will be incurred during the construction process. Thanks to these differences, I believe that The One Housing is gaining the trust of its customers and building owners..

What are your future goals

Since The One Housing was established in 2018, it has built over 80 houses across the country. span>. I think it is no small achievement. From now on, even after 10 and 20 years, we will have a strong relationship with the building owners. I want to build a house. Even now, there are building owners with whom I have been in contact for 7 to 8 years. I wish I could maintain it and visit once in a while to have a cup of tea and a glass of soju..

We will continue to do our best to build the houses you want through sincere communication with building owners.

Biz News

The One Housing, ‘2023 Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair’ ended successfully

Kyunghyang Housing Fair_The One Housing.JPG
The One Housing Booth

From 27 to 30 of The One Housing, a professional wooden country house construction company Total 4days '2023 held at SETEC(SETEC) >Announced that it participated in the Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair' and ended successfully.

At this fair, The One Housing introduced its company, completed construction and design examples, construction procedures, etc.. First of all, for the construction work of The One Housing, the site manager or construction manager directly shares the construction status with the client according to the construction progress through the smartphone site-specific group chat room and homepage, so that the client can directly discuss the construction status. .

Also, In addition to group chat rooms for each site, the company representative is also available in the entire site group chat room, Architectural Design, Interior, Public Affairs, The site manager and each construction team are sharing daily work for each process.

In addition to the foundation, Frame, Embedded, span>Exterior, For all processes up to the finishing process, a public official directly orders materials from the company headquarters, Material inspection and construction management are carried out under the responsibility of the site manager. Sincere and responsible construction is possible as completion funds are paid for each company after the final confirmation of the site manager after construction..

In the case of design work, the certified design manager worked with the client for 2~3a lot of questions and advice, Proceed while presenting convincing grounds. In addition to the safety and convenience of the structure, Based on the bond covered in the design, the pros and cons of the material, the reason for the price, and the lifespan and property value of the house A construction contract is in progress.

A person in charge of The One Housing Currently, The One Housing 'Building a house for my family< /span>' is approved for use based on a sense of mission(Completed)< and the owner This fair is a company that puts the promise and responsibility with the company as the top priority and accompanies transparently and responsibly from customized design to systematic and accurate construction, and further thorough follow-up management. I am happy that I was able to inform a lot of people through .

Meanwhile, The One Housing designs, from housing construction to interior design and complex development. An architectural expert with a background as a carpenter is working with the construction from start to finish.

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