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Exhibition Participation History
#Sustainable Chemistry Week Korea 2023 #2022 Korea Chemical Manufacturing Industry Exhibition #Chemical Manufacturing Expo Korea 2021
Company Overview
Moohwan Kim
Company Type
Year founded
Manufacturing, wholesale, service industry
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
Annual turnover
More than KRW 1 billion ~ less than KRW 12 billion
557 Dongtangiheung-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (Yeongcheon-dong)
Featured Products
Plasma System, Parylene Coating System
Representative number

Company Introduction

Founded in 2005, Femtoscience Inc has been providing effective and reliable plasma and parylene-coating systems to major research institutions and businesses worldwide.

What is Plasma?
Plasma refers to ‘ionized gas’ and is known as ‘the fourth state of matter’ after solid, liquid, and gas. Through the plasma process, we can clean, activate, modify, and etch the surface of materials in ways not achievable by other surface treatment technologies.

Femtoscience Inc.’s expertise
When it comes to utilizing plasma technology, the plasma system becomes highly scientific, and it takes care and expertise to build one. For this reason, Femtoscience Inc. independently designs and manufactures the five core modules of the system – Process Chamber, Plasma Generator, Gas Flow Control Module, Controller, and Software.

Femtoscience Inc.’s products
Femtoscience Inc. provides a complete range of plasma systems for every application – both vacuum and atmospheric plasma with t

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