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Company Overview
Jongseong Kim
Company Type
Number of employees
Less than 5
Annual turnover
More than KRW 1 billion ~ less than KRW 12 billion
Room 501, Centerville Asterium A, 372 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Featured Products
Foreign language learning materials
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Company Introduction

HANGLO help learners speak foreign languages fluently from the beginning. We are having the best teaching method and materials in existence for learning languages the world over. 

All the textbooks made by HANGLO are containing native speaker’s voices and its pronunciations written in Korean alphabets, Hangul. 

All languages have prolonged sounds and abbreviations and Hangul makes its readers possible to read as same as native speakers as it is one of the world’s best phonetic alphabets.

HANGLO have about 190 branches established throughout the whole South Korea resulted from over ten years of teaching experience and thousands of excellent result cases throughout the world.

HANGLO products have been shipped to overseas Koreans living in USA in recent years and we are now planning to develop our business throughout the world. USA, China, Southeast Asia and all other countries who desperately wish to learn different languages will be our critical market to aim for.

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