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Lee Ki-sang
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32 Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (Gasan-dong)
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Construction collaboration tool Conup
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Developing Korea’s first smart construction app to bring innovation to construction sites, CMX

At construction sites, construction log, Safety documents, Processing work such as quality control A lot of paper is required because you have to write down a lot of information yourself for the purpose. So, the excessive use of paper in construction sites has been a chronic problem in construction sites so far., Environmental destruction if paper is wasted, wasting energy and water, not only causes economic losses but also hinders the sustainable development of construction companies.


In order to achieve sustainable construction without negative impact on the environment, it is essential to minimize the use of paper and apply alternative approaches. Therefore, the construction industry must consider both the environment and the economy to come up with measures against paper waste..

Amid this trend, CMX is developing a smart supervision app and providing services to reduce the amount of paper used at construction sites. We met Lee Ki-sang, CEO of CMX, who aims to create smart construction sites and reduce unnecessary environmental waste, and listened to details.

Lee Ki-sang, CEO of CMX

Please introduce your company

CMX specializes in construction disputes and thinks that manual work practices need to be improved across domestic construction sites, so it is Korea's first smart supervision app, AkiM and Construction DX developed a platform conup. In addition,, We also developed Punch List, an apartment inspection app for the first time in Korea.

By supporting better construction capabilities through efficient management of the entire construction process, the company confirmed the infinite possibilities of construction, . Constructor, Supervisor, Smart inspection that partners can collaborate simultaneously ·Efforts are being made to further develop the construction industry through a process management platform.

Please explain your main business

CMX is a smart supervision app, AkiM, Construction DX Platform Con Up, He developed a punch list app and is currently servicing it at construction sites.

Akiem is still a smart supervision app developed to solve the problem of writing handwritten hard copies despite the strengthened architectural supervision standards. Currently, 3,000over 3,000 architects across the country prepare supervision documents through AkiM in real time, Cumulative 210,0005thousand supervision sites and 130 span>10,000 photos have been uploaded, making it an essential app for architects.

CONUP is a tool for digital collaboration between contractors, supervisors, partners at the construction site< /span>. This is an inspection, Quality, Safety, < /span>We provide paperless handwritten hard copy documents such as construction logs, We support real-time signatures and electronic documents span>. In addition, construction log, Safety Documentation, Quality Control, Material Approval , Photo, Process from video management to design drawing, Date, Real-time collaboration by part is possible. In addition, the caption automatic writing function for inspection videos is also provided with the latest update.

Punch List, our company's apartment building inspection app, provides important information for pre-occupant inspections by arranging defects or problems prior to the completion of a building. This is accelerating the digital transformation of construction management

If you have a future direction or goal

CMX plays a role in proving that handwritten records are no longer needed in the era of digital transformation in the construction industry. In this way, construction site inspection, Inspection, Advanced management smart app development, Its goal is to lead the construction industry in an eco-friendly way.

Through this, we seek to explore infinite possibilities by efficiently managing the construction process and supporting better construction capabilities. There is still a carbon emission problem caused by the use of paper documents at construction sites, so we want to minimize paper documents through CMX.. We will continue to focus on app management and development to provide better construction site solutions.

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