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Deokseok Kim
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Information service industry
IT·Information Communication
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5 to 49 people
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330 Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Sangam-dong)
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Medical video archiving system
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Company Introduction

MTEG Co., Ltd. Offers AI based medical video data solution, allowing doctors and hospitals to develop AI technology and contents using videos.


1, VACS (Video Archiving & Communication System) : Video Archiving & Communication System A system that can
automatically store, classify and manage medical videos, and enable image-based education and academic

2, SurgBox : Video Capture & Transfer Device. It is automatically transmitted from an operation room or an
examination room to conveniently collect videos.

3, : Medical Video Community & Data Platform (Video/image data archive, Channel-based
community, Video-based discussion, Education, AI data research platform)

4, AI Technology Supply : Active learning-based, Plug-in AI framework, Video labeling tool “AnnoVIE”

Biz News

Contributing to the development of the global medical industry with an unrivaled medical video artificial intelligence solution, MTG

4The core technology of the tea industrial revolutionAI(Artificial Intelligence)is accelerating and it is currently being applied to various fields. This AIis that it can dramatically improve the efficiency of the overall industry. In the medical field, from improving the accuracy of diagnosis to personalized treatment, Drug Development, AIcan take charge in many fields, including patient management, and its importance is It seems to be getting bigger.

announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare 'OECD According to health statistics 2023', the number of medical equipment in our country is OECD Higher than average and the number of hospital beds OECD about 2.9It appears that it has exceeded the double, so we can expect a high level of medical care, < span style="font-weight:bold;">The health care workforce has fewer clinicians OECD The number of clinical nursing personnel was the second lowest among countries OECD It is lower than the average, resulting in medical imbalance. These issues have been raised consistently and recently AI< We are also researching ways to improve span style="font-weight:bold;">. Dr. James Kuffner, a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in the United States, and his team during brain tumor surgery. ;">It was revealed that utilizing the AI ​​system could solve the problem of hospital manpower shortage., Up to 90% compared to existing doctor or nurse workload. Research results have also shown that patient treatment time can be reduced by .

This AI In order to utilize it, securing data is essential. Especially filming of surgeries and medical proceduresThe video advanced medical knowledgeAlthough the data has inherent high research value, Currently surgery in many hospitals, Most videos of endoscopy, etc. are abandoned or neglected due to management issues.. ThisIf you analyze the video and extract only meaningful sections, then AI Sufficient basic data to create a solution. style="font-weight:bold;">Worthwill be< /span>. Like thisExtracted clips were used to study standard study, Risk prediction, Certification evaluation This is because it can be used in various fields such as.

Amid this trend, MTEZ recognizes the importance of AI and data and collects medical data so that it can be properly utilized. We are conducting business by developing solutions capable of purification, processing, etc. and are leading domestic Surgical AI Leading the field. As an AI-based medical surgery data platform company, we met with Deokseok Kim, CEO of MTIG, who is leading the way in innovative medical services by providing solutions that turn medical videos into data. span>

MTG CEO Kim Deok-seok

Please introduce the company.

MTEZ is a medical video specialist that analyzes surgical and medical videos with AI and provides solutions that can utilize them as data assets. It is an AI solution provider. MTEG (MTEG) is an abbreviation for Medical Technology Expert Group. , To solve the problem of videos related to surgery in the medical field not being systematically managed. We set off under the mission.

Videos of surgeries and medical practices contain the knowledge and experience of specialists, This is preserved for the advancement of medicine, processed into data, and passed on to future generations. It should be done, but it is very difficult for medical personnel to do it themselves. If MTG's accumulated technology and solutions enable doctors and hospitals to easily develop data, not only medical education and academic research, but also surgical tools developed based on this will be developed. We decided that it would be helpful in developing cutting-edge equipment such as surgical robots. Since then, we have developed medical video data platform technology and are currently supplying related solutions to 18 university hospitals.

Because there is no solution that can systematically manage specialized areas such as medical practice, MTEZ is aiming for a personalized data management model, It is expected that the solution will play a leading role in disseminating Korea's medical technology, which has high-level medical services and surgical capabilities, to the world.

What is your main business and differentiation

MTEZ collects, manages videos, processes them into data, and uses them to commercialize full-cycle solutions to conduct education and academic discussions. It's in progress. Surgical AI converts information or knowledge about surgery or medical videos into data. It is a somewhat unfamiliar concept in Korea, but in the United States, Japan, Europe, etc. span>10This is a field that has been actively studied for over a year. In the case of a simple image, you can only see that one moment, but in a video, there is context before and after, and you can understand the cause-and-effect relationship as to why you did that action. Especially in the case of medical procedures such as surgery, there is very important information, and it can be said that all of that is recorded in the video.

MTIG's ultimate pursuit in the surgical AI area is AI-assisted surgery based on extensive data. 'AI data Assisted Surgery'. In the case of surgery that is affected by various variables, the complexity is high, so many cases of surgery must be processed into data, but it is time-consuming for hospitals or doctors to perform this directly., There are technical limitations. To solve this problem, MTEZ uses artificial intelligence to automatically index important points and scenes of surgery or medical practice, providing hourly data. By providing a system that creates a /span>. Also, based on accumulated data, it is used for education, evaluation, and research. By doing so, surgical ability can be improved.

MTG's core product, VACS (Video Archive & Communication System), is a video management system for hospitals that stores and analyzes neglected videos. span>AIcan be saved as data that can be learned. Videos filmed in the operating room are transmitted to the server, They can be easily viewed in the operating room and have the advantage of being free to edit and searching by frame. . On-premiseinstalled as a server in a hospitaland cloud used via the web. It can be supplied in (Cloud) format and is already being used in over 20 university hospitals. VACS automatically analyzes videos as needed to determine tool utilization, bleeding frequency, It is highly useful as it can be equipped with an insight solution that can automatically calculate surgical stage segmentation based on the location of organs during surgery and output it as a report..

In addition, A community solution that enables education and academic discussions based on data generated by VACS(SurgStory) provides a platform that maximizes the value of surgical videos. The personal platform SurgStory is < /span>AI Use technology to analyze stored surgical videos andBy institution, By case, By tool, It helps to perform better surgery by providing statistical reports on many cases, including by behavior. By using the sharing function provided by SurgStory, you can watch and discuss surgery videos with multiple doctors online.

SurgBoxis a video collection device. Automatic video collection is possible with just the press of a button, so it is used not only in surgical operations but also in all fields where images are taken, such as trauma centers and ultrasound rooms. /span>. The collected videos are conveniently visualized in a timeline chart to show when they came in and went out. A public report analyzing each stage of the surgery is provided to provide information on each surgical tool. You can check the usage time and time required for each stage of surgery. Through the data collected in this way, patterns can be compared and the frequency of tools used among recent n surgery videos and in which surgeries each tool was used. It also provides analysis data on whether the The data collected by SurgBox is automatically transmitted to the server and can be checked anywhere, and the video can be viewed through various software provided by SurgStory. You can also annotate sections, organize them step by step, and export them as clips. SurgBox has acquired not only domestic certification, but also U.S. FDA and ISO certification. /span>VACS software is scheduled to obtain medical software certification in 2024.< /span>

However, market growth is slow in Korea because there is no legal obligation to record surgical procedures. However, with recent revisions to the Medical Service Act, installation of CCTV has become mandatory when operating on an unconscious patient., < /span>As the number of hospitals recording surgical procedures outside of mandatory situations increases, full-cycle solutions ranging from archiving systems to data processing and platforms that can utilize video are being developed. We expect that the role of MTG that it can provide will grow.

What are the future directions and goals

MTEZ has been developing solutions that can convert medical videos into data for the past 7 years and using AI technology. has accumulated. The dataization of medical practices has the purpose of improving medical services. Local hospitals in Korea are experiencing many problems due to lack of manpower. If medical practices are converted into data and shared with many people, better medical practices will be provided. You will be able to. There are local issues, but ultimately, I believe that knowledge and experience can be converted into data to pass on to future generations and be used to educate and spread our country's excellent medical services around the world..

Domestic sales are growing little by little, but the global demand for medical solutions is already very clear, so we are planning to enter the global market To enter the Southeast Asian market, we have established a local corporation in Singapore and are currently discussing supply to major hospitals in Singapore. Discussions on technology supply are continuing with famous hospitals and universities in Japan and the United States. The world's first AI technology by combining the capabilities of Korean medical staff and IT technology. As medical solutions and services incorporating , we will spare no effort to publicize the excellence of Korean medical care and technology.

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