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#K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2023 #K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 #2021 International Hospital and Medical Equipment Industry Expo
Company Overview
Choi Jong-seok
Company Type
Year founded
Manufacturing, wholesale and retail
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
234 Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Featured Products
Laser blood collection device, skin treatment device
Representative number

Company Introduction

LAMEDITECH Co., LTD. has been developing and supplying specialized laser devices to promote healthy and beautiful lives based on laser miniaturization technology. Our laser devices for the clinical and cosmetic treatment, in which the miniaturization technology is applied, are highly competitive in quality when compared to other competing products in the market. Through continuous research and development, LAMEDITECH commits to become a global top laser expertise company.

Biz News

Leading the domestic healthcare industry with micro-laser technology, La Meditech

Currently, Korea's medical technology is widely known for its excellence and is proven to be of a high level worldwide. In the past, the competence of individual doctors received attention, but recently, with the development of the medical device industry, exports of domestic medical devices are gradually increasing their influence.

Amidst this trend, La Meditech was established in 2012, starting with a lancet based on ultra-small laser technology, and then a beauty device, Medical devices, It is developing and making a name for itself in veterinary medical devices. I was able to meet and hear from Choi Jong-seok, CEO of La Meditech, who wants to take the lead in the development of the medical device field through global expansion.

CEO Choi Jong-seok of La Meditech

Please introduce your company

Rameditech is a healthcare company that was established in 2012and develops beauty and medical devices. We are a cosmetic device based on laser technology, Medical device, Recently, , We are achieving steady growth led by employees with expertise in the field.... span>

Introducing the existing laser lancing device, it received a positive response from the public, Based on this, medical devices, We are actively developing beauty devices. Recently, we are concentrating on the medical device business., Most of the lasers for medical devices are LED It's easy to think of masks, etc., but we handle a wider range of products. The high power laser currently used in dermatology is being scaled down so that it can be easily used at home.

What differentiates you from other companies

I think the difference is that we are introducing products that can be safely used at home without time and space limitations based on La Meditech's self-developed laser technology.

In particular, our micro-miniature laser beauty device was developed in a form that can regenerate the skin and restore skin health by affecting the epidermal layer, This is different from conventional metal needles. , can be used safely because it is free from infection problems, etc. compared to methods that create holes in the form of rollers, stamp method.. Based on the technology with these features, a laser beauty device with more functions is being developed.

In the case of the laser lancing device, which first introduced Rameditech, its technological prowess was recognized, such as being registered as a new medical technology early this year. span>

If you have a future goal

If the foundation to be active in the global market is laid, Based on this, growing into a global company 1 This is a secondary goal. Recently, participated in CES 2023 and introduced a healthcare product that can manage health by measuring blood and blood sugar., At the time, I received offers from several global companies. In this way, I hope that our innovative technology will establish itself in the global market and produce results that will help the employees working with us.

Going forward, I want to pave the way for domestic bio companies to advance into the global market by leading innovation and setting a good precedent .

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