Exhibition Participation History
#K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 #2021 International Hospital and Medical Equipment Industry Expo
Company Overview
Youngkwan Han
Company Type
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
Annual turnover
Less than KRW 1 billion
140 Tongil-ro, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (Dongsan-dong)
Featured Products
bed shower carrier
Representative number

Company Introduction

Currently, patients in nursing care integrated services must go to the bathroom. As a result, falls and safety accidents occur in the middle. The patient shower carrier does not need to move the patient to the bathroom. It can prepare for various falls and safety accidents and reduce the labor force of caregivers.

Patient Bed Shower Carrier is a product that allows the patient to take a shower and wash his or her feet on the bed without moving the patient from the bed. Carrier movement function, hot water heating function, temperature sensor and control function, shower pump function, sewage suction function, sterilization disinfection function, emergency stop function, 24V battery charging operation, various sense functions, etc.

Physical accidents (falling, musculoskeletal accidents, etc.) that will occur during movement can be fundamentally prevented. Minimize the intensity and stress of caregivers' labor.

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