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5 to 49 people
58 Gwangjeong-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
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Making a product that touches the heart, no

Occasionally, we can see mysterious things happening where a meaningless space is reborn due to someone's touch. A space filled with white takes on a new meaning through a single work, An example of this is when the image of a space changes due to painting on a wall that was previously achromatic.

Products with various designs that give people aesthetic pleasure are always attracting attention . Therefore, many design product companies produce products that change people's psychological states and recreate spaces so that many people can live a more prosperous life. is doing.

Ani is a company that develops creative items based on ideas, provides services for directing spaces. I met and talked with the representative who is presenting unique and special products to consumers with fresh ideas and plans.

no full representation

Please introduce your company.

No(ANI) stands for A Novel Idea ' Innovative idea'. A company that develops various items using new and creative ideas and provides space directing services.

In modern times, unknown artists and makers are passionate, will, It is difficult to grow alone with only effort. The situation is. Therefore, we play a role in helping unknown artists and makers to showcase their works through a company called 'ANI'. is doing. Many artists are growing and working together to fully show their passion and will.

Tell me about your main business

Ani currently sells two main products, No Canvas and No Clock.

First, No canvas is a painting related product. Nocanvas combined the role of lighting with painting used as an interior. A sensor related to illumination is attached to the picture, so you can enjoy the picture with different lighting depending on the external environment. It has the advantage of being able to create a variety of atmospheres with a single picture through different directing according to the situation.

Any Clock is a watch related product. Ani's products are displayed in large department stores, producing high-quality products. Also, We are not selling online as much as we are selling for consumers.

I believe that the process of checking and looking at products is a process for consumers, so I make purchases on the spot. As a result, Only a remarkably low number of returns and refunds are made.

Aside from that, I am also working on space directing. For many self-employed people, the interior is one of the most important tasks. It shows the charm of a differentiated space.

If you have any future goals or directions

No, I think a society where we can coexist is very important. Many companies are still being established, but it is regrettable that they have no choice but to quit due to various external circumstances.

After , based on the brand settlement of 'anime', a new market was opened, and many artists I want to be reborn as a company that can provide various opportunities to makers. For this, I think young energy of young people is also needed. We will continue to grow with the goal of becoming a company that can steadily provide high-quality products and services to consumers while growing the company with employees with a trendy sense and passion and helping each other.< /span>.

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