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Jaesoon Choi, Seonghan Bae
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Year founded
Professional, scientific and technical services, manufacturing
Medical/pharmaceutical industry
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5 to 49 people
88 Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Pungnap-dong)
Featured Products
AVIAR, cardiovascular interventional robot
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Company Introduction

Founded in 2019, LN Robotics Inc. emerged from a medical robot research team based at Asan Medical Center that was established in 2012. Our focus has been developing cutting-edge medical robots incorporating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and biotechnology, with significant input from clinical experts.

Our vision is to provide precision medical robots that can help meet a range of unmet clinical needs. At LN Robotics, we are committed to driving innovation in the medical robotics industry by creating effective and accurate robots for various treatments. We aim to be the go-to provider of medical robots that offer enhanced patient care and deliver superior health outcomes.

Biz News

Adding authenticity to medical robots, L&Robotics

As the robotics industry is emerging as a promising future industry, many domestic companies are sparing no investment in the development of robots in each field. Among them, medical robots tended to rely on existing imports., As a result of many companies focusing on local production in recent years, the domestic medical robot field has also expanded. It is showing rapid growth and is showing its prominence.

Amid these changes, L&Robotics started as a medical robot research team at Asan Medical Center in Seoul in 20122019 Since , artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, < span>Business began in earnest with the goal of developing cutting-edge medical robots incorporating advanced technologies such as biomaterials. Continuing development with experts in each field, 'vascular intervention robot' and became known for its differentiated technology, including becoming the first in Korea to obtain product approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. We met CEO Jae-soon Choi of Ln Robotics, who has been developing sincerely under the motto of introducing robots that can be used more practically in medical settings, to hear more details..

LN Robotics CEO Choi Jae-soon

Please introduce the company.

Established in 2019, L&Robotics is a medical robot company that develops robots for interventional procedures. To be precise, we have developed a robot that can assist when a procedure to expand blood vessels is needed, It is currently nearing commercialization.

What is unique about our company is that it is composed of researchers who started from the medical robot research team at Asan Medical Center in Seoul in 2012. Thanks to these features, we were able to begin developing more practical robots while immediately reflecting feedback from the medical field. , We are actively using cutting-edge technology. We are committed to leading the innovation of the medical robot industry by creating accurate robots that are effective in various treatments..

Let's introduce our main business in detail

Our main product, AVIAR, is an abbreviation for 'All-purpose Vascular Intervention Assist Robot'. /span>, As a coronary intervention assistance robot, it was the first in Korea to obtain item approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in February. /span>. Afterward, certification for the 8th month change to the next updated version has been completed.

The product is a vascular interventional robot that assists coronary angiography and interventional procedures.It is mainly used in cardiovascular interventional procedures. This procedure is performed to repair blocked or narrowed coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. , Lesions that appear in vascular diseases Due to the diversity and complexity of the procedure, long-term experience and skill of the operator are essential..

In order to reduce these variations, our cardiovascular interventional robot uses precise control and haptic technology that expresses the operator's movements through a robot system., It is capable of responding to complex procedures. Differentiated technologies such as channel surgical tool control technology have been implemented. Remote intervention procedures for emergency patients when using such robots, A variety of clinical applications are possible, including non-face-to-face interventional procedures that can respond to infection situations. , The radiation exposure of medical staff that occurs during interventional procedures can be minimized. .

In addition, L&Robotics was entrusted with the medical twin technology development project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2022to provide visualization and high-fidelity medical information related to various cardiovascular procedures. >(high fidelity) Simulation technology is being developed. It is expected that various clinical applications will be possible through convergence with this approved robot system..

What are your future directions and goals

There were many hardships in getting the company to where it is today. After going through the process of attracting investment and planning, it seems that the direction of the company is now visible. The main product introduced earlier is not as complex a robot as other surgical robots. It is a product that can be applied in places where interventional assistance is needed, such as internal medicine or surgery., In the future, this remote control technology can be used in other departments as well. We are trying to build a pipeline to allow this.

L&Robotics plans to continue developing products with improved control and stability while expanding its current technology We will remain open to the possibility of incorporating technologies such as artificial intelligence, which has recently emerged as a hot topic, and will continue to make efforts to contribute to the development of the domestic medical industry..

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