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Ho Yun-soo
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495-1 Hoedong-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (Munbal-dong)
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NEST is an eco-friendly building material manufacturing company.

Mineral Flooring
Fireproof Quartz Board
fire prevention WPC interior wall panel (louver)
WPC interior wall panel (louver)
WPC exterior decking and cladding
SPC Flooring
SPC interior wall panel
PIR(polyisocyanurate) insulation board
Pre-insulated air duct

Biz News

Nest, a company that makes the world a better place

For companies to grow, their own technology is important. As more and more companies aim to become 100-year-old companies, these ideas have become a necessity rather than an option. The economic downturn caused by Corona19 has devastated the Korean economy. It is no exaggeration to say that the OECD is experiencing the worst economic difficulties among the countries.

Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at the forefront of the economy and startups based on new technologies to promote social contribution as businesses to enhance national competitiveness. Efforts for the economy of Korea are constantly going on.

Nest is a competitive company that secures its own territory based on technology development. A company that does not settle for the present and moves forward through various efforts. Nest's Yunsu Ho, I met Jisoo Ho, co-CEO, to hear more details.

What kind of company is Nest

1997The parent company, Sake, is ' World, The good ' The world It has been operated with the management philosophy of becoming a company that benefits the company. Nest also under the same philosophy 'With better building materials, A better world ' is running with the goal of making.

We have led the development of the building market by constantly manufacturing or distributing new technology building materials. Poor insulation function and weak against fireEPS (Styrofoam) Insulation material is domestic insulation material When achieving the mainstream of the market, We use PUR/PIR Rigid urethane foam with lower thermal conductivity and fire resistance. KS 1certified company in the industry by producing insulation materials for the first time in Korea. The product has become a mainstream product in the current insulation market. Also, Hard urethane that does not require separate glass wool insulation for ducts. ' ' Korea's first production of a shake clean duct.

2016Co., Ltd.After the establishment of Zest Corp., Nestra , Eco-friendly synthetic wood that complements the disadvantages of preservative wood, Dolmaru, MDF We are leading the construction market with various building materials such as Rubawall, a synthetic wood temba board that compensates for the shortcomings of temba boards .


I'm curious about your main business

Because existing preservative wood is produced through logging, it itself is created while damaging nature. In addition, it is necessary to continuously apply oil stain, which is harmful to the human body and contaminates the soil at the same time. It is difficult to use it in good condition for more than 5 years, so it is often replaced and incinerated.becomes. In this process, continuous environmental destruction is caused.

On the other hand, synthetic wood is produced by mixing and extruding 60% of wood flour and 40% of synthetic resin. , All of the wood flour and synthetic resin used for this are produced using recycled materials. There is no need to apply oil stain that is harmful to the human body and causes soil contamination, Little replacement demand due to semi-permanent lifespan span>.

NEST has grown into a brand that represents such synthetic wood, NEST PREMIER, a new product from this Korea build(NEST PREMIER)< /span>and NEST ANTI-SLIP(NEST ANTI-SLIP) will once again promote technological progress in the synthetic wood market . Nest Premier replaces the existing synthetic wood CORElayer with a 360° protective layer It is covered with span>(Protective Barrier) to secure better contamination resistance and weather resistance. , Nest Antislip is a new technology. Super Anti-slip Elastic Technology made with the method "Barefoot-friendly(Barefoot friendly) The deck" will be the optimal solution for swimming pools and spas. Slip resistance rating R12, , Soft surface and safe non-slip function will provide people with a comfortable rest.

Dolmaru spcThe official name of the material that Maru saw, This is an English expression Stone Plastic Composite. I thought I needed a more Korean and intuitive product name than the difficult English one, so I came up with the brand name Dolmaru, and it is now universally used as a pronoun for this material.

Because existing steel flooring is manufactured by bonding wood plywood, Hazardous substances such as formaldehyde are generated and span>, Weak against being scratched, Weak against water. In addition, since a bond is used during construction, harmful substances are additionally generated from this bond.. On the other hand, stone flooring emits almost no formaldehyde, is scratch-resistant, 100% Equipped with a waterproof function, Construction is also carried out in an eco-friendly way that does not use a bond click . It is in the limelight as a new material that makes up for the disadvantages of steel flooring.

Lastly if you have a goal

When it comes to making the world a better place, The targets can be divided into internal goals and external goals. Inside the company,, The goal is to become a company that benefits its members. It is mainly composed of young employees in their 20s to 30s. Now that we live, It seems that the value and recognition of labor is declining day by day. Even me, the word labor doesn't sound good to me. So I want to express it in the word business. Each of our members achieves their goals as important business people, To achieve emotional and economic growth in the process. The internal goal of a company that benefits the world is to create an organizational culture where people can do these things voluntarily and happily.

Externally, All of our materials are widely distributed/Constructed by itself It is the first thing to do to promote the development of the market, We are dreaming of a new dream of creating more social values.

It's too long to go into detail, To put it simply, the first one is Nest-style eco-friendly carbon Establishing a neutral manufacturing facility. As mentioned above, synthetic wood itself is an eco-friendly product, but , We are actively upcycling unused forest resources and recycled plastics. We have developed a manufacturing method and are preparing a patent for it. This initiative is expected to promote more sustainable forest management and help the carbon cycle.

The second “NEST FORESTcomposition. With a certain percentage of sales, trees are planted at forest fire disaster sites and deforestation areas, and at the same time, 1The forest created by Nest in a specific area It aims to create. We are dreaming of the day when NEST FOREST, created in the future, will carry out programs related to the conservation of various earth resources.

Biz News

Nest, an eco-friendly building material brand, participates in ‘2022 Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair’

Nest's Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair site

Nest, a brand specialized in eco-friendly building materials, 2022 participated in the Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair, Announced that it ended successfully.

last 10month 27from Thursday 10< /span>Month 30Sun to Sunday 4The Seoul Kyunghyang Housing Fair was held for architectural interior materials and country housing expos, structures related to housing/insideExterior materials, Home interior/Lighting, landscape/public facilities, Painting/I was able to meet a variety of brands including waterproof materials.

Nest, which participated in this event, introduced its main item, eco-friendly building materials.

Nest said These days, air pollution, Due to problems such as environmental destruction, personal Consumers are also experiencing an increasing need for eco-friendly materials. For this reason, Nest 60% of wood flour and 40% of synthetic resin. Developed synthetic wood. It does not require oil stain that causes soil contamination and has a semi-permanent lifespan. , As the material also uses recycled materials, There are features that can be used in a more environmentally friendly way.”.

Nest Exhibition Hall

Also, Nest is an indoor interior material made of wood flour and plastic, stone powder. Also published. For those who feel the burden of construction cost and want self-construction, it has been developed with an uncomplicated yet easy structure to increase convenience.

Along with these products, Nest recently introduced an online showroom service provided by Link On Biz, a corporate promotion platform. 360showrooms are filmed with a panoramic camera so you can feel the realism online, Clicking on a product will link you to an online shopping mall, etc. Accessibility has also been improved.

For more details, visit the Nest official shopping mall.

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