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#Advanced Material and Tech Week Korea 2024 #Sustainable Chemistry Week Korea 2023 #2022 Korea Chemical Manufacturing Industry Exhibition #Chemical Manufacturing Expo Korea 2021
Company Overview
Seungwoo Han
Company Type
Year founded
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
Annual turnover
More than KRW 1 billion ~ less than KRW 12 billion
190 Dodam-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon (Oryu-dong)
Featured Products
Non-combustible coating, insulation paint, radiation heat dissipation coating
Representative number

Company Introduction

Hanmir is an energy and heat technology R&D company.

Based on eco-friendly R&D technology, energy coating/ non-combustible filling/ insulation, heat generation, non-combustible, flame retardant, flame retardant, etc.

It is a global company that develops core materials and energy business in the industrial field with special paint functional coating products.

As the speed of change in products is accelerating in recent years, the importance of the parts and materials applied therein is increasing.

We will do our best to provide differentiated value to customers with the idea that parts and materials influence the value of our products.

Hanmir aims to become a global leader moving the world stage based on a broad infrastructure and network.

We are constantly pursuing better technology, environment, and people-centered R&D,

Furthermore, we will strive to realize customer value and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Biz News

Hanmir, a company that considers energy efficiency and public safety

As the season change approaches, the risk of fire is increasing. Recently, due to environmental problems, the number of days with dry air and strong winds is increasing, and the risk of fire is increasing. Fire prevention is more important than anything else, so special attention should be paid to prevention.

Therefore, many companies are developing technologies for fire prevention., Especially in relation to eco-friendliness, new technologies that can even save energy are in the spotlight. Among them, the development of energy-saving auxiliary materials continues, and small changes are beginning, centered on companies that consider the environment .

Hanmir is a company that meets all conditions from fire prevention to energy saving. After a long period of research and effort, we met Hanmir CEO Han Seung-woo, who said that he wanted to develop his own materials and contribute to society, and heard more about his story..

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Photo = Provided by Hanmir

What kind of company is Hanmir

Hanmir wanted to implement as a technology company what I felt while working as a plant manager at a large company. It is a company established in 8. In the early days, the company focused on both trade and technology development, but is currently focusing on technology development rather than trade, creating a company specialized in technology. We are carrying out various projects with the government and large corporations using the materials we have developed. Last year, we received investment and expanded our factory, achieving rapid growth. There is.

The corporate name Hanmir means emperor of the universe or great peace of the universe, and we chose a word that resonates well with Russians and Koreans and was used frequently as the corporate name. In the case of Russia, when we started the company, we started developing with Russian researchers..

About main business

Non-combustible coating, a functional coating system/Flame-retardant coating is a high-efficiency, non-combustible, heat-resistant, and eco-friendly inorganic water-soluble paint. Incombustible inorganic binder, Special-purpose organic-inorganic composite binder, Ultra-fine pores Designed with nanoceramics as the main raw materials, it is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-flammable coating that has high heat resistance and does not carbonize even at special high temperatures of over 1,000 degrees. Used for a variety of purposes in construction and industrial sites that require fireproof paint..

Silmagel nonflammable adhesive, a new eco-friendly inorganic material, was developed through extensive research. It is an eco-friendly non-flammable adhesive produced with special inorganic binder and filler as main raw materials. High non-flammability and water resistance of 1,000 degrees, eco-friendliness, High adhesion is non-combustible adhesive It can be applied to various building materials and industrial adhesives..

In the case of the energy-radiating heat-dissipating coating agent, which is an energy coating system, the radiation-radiating energy coating agent developed as a policy task of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, The heat-dissipating coating agent is Hanmir's cutting-edge technology, a ceramic binder. It is a technology that combines technology with a projectile that can receive and transmit infrared electronic vehicles with high efficiency, 200 It is an energy coating with high emissivity and excellent heat dissipation at living temperatures within >°C. Similar products include energy heating(endothermic) coding agent available . This is also an energy coating agent developed as a BI commercialization project with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. Endothermic) The coating agent is an energy coating agent with high-temperature emissivity of over 600~1,000 degrees and excellent high-temperature heat absorption. All.

Other than industrial/Insulating paints for construction/Insulating paints using cutting-edge nano-processing technology Magel non-combustible(foam) filler, Functional energy transfer products, thermal bridge adhesives, super hydrophilic self-cleaning coating system, anti-fouling coatings, glass thermal coating for glass windows, etc. There are Hanmir's exclusive products.

Finally, if you have a goal

I believe that everything developed at Hanmir is essential in line with social issues. Making use of nuclear power plants mandatory throughout the country will save energy, and the frequency of nuclear power plant use will also be significantly reduced to 50% compared to the current level, which will cause inconvenience to the public. I think you will be able to live your daily life with peace of mind. It's the same principle, but if it can reduce usage time and save energy, I think it should be replaced.

When I founded Hanmir, I jumped into a field that no one was interested in and thought more about national competitiveness and the safe lives of the people than about profits. Accordingly, rather than operating in a loose-selling fashion with only the company's profits in mind, Hanmir is running the business in a free-retail format, selling small varieties of high value-added products at reasonable prices, known as Jewish merchandising. span>. In the future, based on these operating policies, we plan to gradually list 1 and grow into a company that can contribute to society. /span>.

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Facility information

Facility information
Business Name 한미르
Business Address 인천시 서구 도담로 190
Land area 2600
Gross floor area 2000
Number of production lines 1
Major facilities 디졸버, 호모믹서
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