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#K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2023 #K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2022 #2021 International Hospital and Medical Equipment Industry Expo
Company Overview
Cha Doo-seon
Company Type
Year founded
IT·Information Communication
Number of employees
5 to 49 people
Annual turnover
More than KRW 1 billion ~ less than KRW 12 billion
243 Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (Guro-dong)
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Biz News

Standing at the center of AI contact center innovation, Broad CNS

Existing call centers were one of the business fields where people were directly involved from one to ten because they needed flexible responses. However, as artificial intelligence technology is recently applied to call center work, a revolution called digital transformation is taking place. The representative technology is AIContact Center(AICC). AIA contact center refers to a contact center in which algorithms based on language processing technology solve consumers' problems and implement real-time counseling support and work automation. < /span>AIcontact center technology.

Amid this trend, Broad C&S has achieved steady growth by conducting a AIcontact center construction project targeting hospitals. Since its establishment in 2013, it has worked with several companies·Clinicians, < /span>, In the last 4month, 20KRW 100 million A series of A also succeeded in attracting investment. Through continuous innovation, AIWe met and talked with Doo-seon Cha, CEO of Broad C&S, who says he wants to lead the industry while contributing to the development of contact centers. span>.

Doo-seon Cha, CEO of Broad C&S

Please introduce your company

Broad C&S is a leading company in AIcontact center cloud and digital healthcare. AI It has core AI technology in the field.

Corporate call center construction, Hospital call center construction, Cloud service, etc.< /span>. Since 2010, LThe cloud contact service conducted with telecommunications companies is continuously growing, and 2015 BONA Call Center Cloud, which was launched in 2008, is also growing 2fold every year. span>. Currently, in the cloud service market, it has grown into a domestic 1top operator.

Please introduce your main business

AI In the field of solutions, chatbots for hospital appointments and consultations, Hospital AI Consultation callbot, Voice recognition STT&We provide services such as callback, Hospital IPCC Platform, Hospital H-CRM Platform, Hospital KMS Smart healthcare fields such as solutions , BONAx Cloud IPCC Services, EXONA n-CRM Cloud< /span>, LWe are also conducting business in the field of cloud contact centers such as telecommunications company cloud contact.

Continuing to participate in government support projects,R&D, and , Based on the experience of AI chatbot government tasks, 6has experience in providing chatbot commercialization to 6 hospitals. In addition, it holds a total of 5patents, including a patent for a customer response system and method using artificial intelligence.

If you have a future goal

First of all, the goal is to increase the company's value by growing more technologically. Recently launched Visual Agent, mobile hospital reservations& Information platforms 3Including tertiary hospitals1, 2We are preparing to target the tertiary hospital market, Integrating various EMRthrough strategic business alliances with companies or platform companies related to healthcare EMR Interlocking AI We are working hard to grow into a service platform company. In addition, leading domestic commerce, Public, Finance, We are also aiming to expand our market share with general companies AICCwhile collaborating with companies such as universities. span>

In the mid to long term, I want to make a model that was successful in Korea become a service in the global market. It was to achieve this goal that we established a Vietnamese corporation while doing KOICA business in the past. Currently, we are only working in Vietnam, but we plan to expand to global cloud services further.

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